Company History

The Dixon Carpet Company has been hand tufting carpets, rugs, and wall hangings since August 1957. To walk on anything so luxurious as a Dixon carpet might seem a crime, and yet people all over the world are doing exactly that. The company was established as V’Soske Joyce Ltd., in 1957 with Michael Dixon as Production Manager. He purchased the company in 1979 and sold it to his son; Tony, in 1990. The company is situated in the old Railway Station in Oughterard, on the west coast of Ireland. The area is famous for the scenic beauty of Connemara, fishing on nearby Lough Corrib, and many golf courses in the district.


Many of the original employees of the company are still with us, and together with newer recruits they are the main reason for continuing success. The original commitment; to the highest quality standards is still maintained. Through the years we have invested in new production methods and raw material testing. We use AutoCad in the planning and cartoon/design stage of the process, to maximize materials usage and control wastage. The Dixon Carpet Company has pioneered the use of new blends in carpeting. We have developed new blends of Linen, Linen/Wool, and Wool/Silk for use in our carpets. The objective as always is to produce the most suitable carpet for a particular application.

The Dixon Carpet Company is totally integrated from the dyeing of the wool to the installation of the carpets. We provide the client with the maximum number of options on what they require. Our in-house dyers have vast experience to dyeing to the most exacting standards. We supply carpets to meet many specific applications from Yachting to Aircraft. Over the past almost 50 years we have had the pleasure of working on some of the worlds' premier projects. From the Dorchester Hotel in London, The Four Seasons Group to The Rulers of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. In Yachting we have supplied carpets for more than 50% of the largest yachts in the world. Our carpets can be seen on private Boeing 747s and Gulfstreams. We have supplied carpets for many American and Irish Embassies around the world, including London, Paris, Brussels, Prague, New York, Washington, Rome and Riyadh. In the business and entertainment world it is likely that leaders past and present own a Dixon carpet. The company continues to strive for perfection and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Tony Dixon
Managing Director